Friday, 12 August 2016

A New Era?

The last copy I brought.
I wrote this post originally three years ago and it has sat in my drafts since then. I didn’t post it back then because it wasn’t good content and I would always worry about what people would think. Now? I’ve realised that this blog isn’t to please people, It’s something I enjoy doing and not everyone is going to like the content I post.

I’ve kept the original post word from word because what’s the point in changing it, I still feel the same about the subject. It was the thing that started off my blogging journey.

So here it is.

"For those of you that have not heard. My favorite magazine, the one that started off my blogging journey has stopped printing their paper issue. Its such sad news!! Its been running for three years, has had some ass kicking faces on the cover from Katy Perry, Alex Chung, Fearne Cotton, Jessie J to our very own Zoe Sugg (zoella) and also the cast of skins on the very first copy I brought.  Yes its Company magazine I can't express how sad I'm going to be next month when I guess I'll have to find a different magazine to read.
It was just cute and different and stood out to me and wasn't expensive as some magazine are.

You can read my post on my love for company here and you can read about why I love it so much.

You can read company's article here."

Tell me what you think.

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