Thursday, 21 July 2016

Moving in my 20's

When I started this blog back in 2013, I was out of work and thought it was going to be easy and fun which for the most part I enjoyed writing posts, creating content. Then life got in the way I went and got a full time job in retail and that's when my social life ended (I joke) but it did take up so much of my time, but that’s life"  growing up" so they call it.

Four years later and so much has changed! I have now moved in to a small flat with my partner and so far loving it.

 when I was 18 I never thought that in my 20’s I was going to be in a long term relationship and living in a place of my own paying for adult things! But I’ve enjoyed that too. But it hasn’t been easy at all, dealing with solicitors and estate agents, looking at different places, trying to work out what you need out of a place. Ugh! While still trying to work a full time job. Ahh the joys of being an adult. But once we picked up the keys it was all real and the fun started by fun I mean cleaning every surface including walls then on to painting every room.   

I scrolled through so many decor Pinterest post trying to find inspiration. We went with grey's and 
light cream and the bedrooms has a purple wall (my choice obviously). It’s still a working progress 
like all things in life. I’ll add some photos just so you have a idea (sorry about the quality, I took 
them on my iphone) . there is still so much painting and little touches.

we had just built the bed and put all the coves on.
Front room again, still boxes everywhere!
Front room
when we first got the sofas in.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this 
post, but to anyone reading this just know that the future is bright, just the clouds haven't cleared yet. Also I intend to bring this blog back to life nothing crazy just a few post here and there when I have time.

Thanks for reading guys.
Much love x

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