Monday, 30 June 2014

Mind the gap, Victoria and Ted baker body spray

Mind the gap, Victoria.

It's so weird that the first thing I'm attracted too when browsing the Rimmel London nail polish's is my favorite color and has my name in the products name. I wasn't intending to buy anything really just looking as you do and instantly pick this colour up and had to buy it and I love it so much. I have a thing about blue, every summer its my favorite colour. Its in their 60 seconds range and obviously its called Mind the gap, Victoria. Its says that you only need one coat but I definitely needed two but non the less such a gorgeous colour and Its staying in my favorites.

Ted baker Body spray.

Again I wasn't intending to buy anything but I just can't help myself sometimes, my friend was actually looking at them as well and so I went for it. Its was only after I tried to find it online that I found out that this one is called Butterfly wings and it has bergamot and red fruit in it and smells amazing, they also do a Treasured Orchid and Origami. Its bag size like a impulse spay so you can carry it in your bag and give it a spritz when you need a freshen up and leaves you smelling gorgeous.

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