Friday, 27 June 2014

A taste of America

A taste of America.

Five guys.

I'm sure you guys have heard of Five guys burger and fries. I'd heard about it from Lily Melrose and wanted to go for ages but didn't think going all the way to London Covent garden just to have a burger was worth it, how wrong I was. But then I find out that one is opening in Uxbridge!  SO happy :)

Five guys are an America burger bar, so much better then McDonald's. A little bit pricey just a cheeseburger on its own is eight pounds, so maybe as a payday treat or just get a little burger it’s a little bit cheaper. They also do hot dogs and sandwiches. So I met up with my friend for lunch and went there, at first it was crazy loud and a bit intimidating, but the atmosphere was amazing and the retro music set a real American feel.

I will definitely be visiting five guys again in the future.

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