Monday, 17 February 2014

That rough patch

Man! I haven't posted in a while I do apologise lovelys. I've been rather busy job hunting which is going pretty bad atm, like I'm sure people that are not at school, collage or uni or even those who are, that are hunting would know far to well. But apart from that I've just not had time nor motivation too write!
It's rather annoying I would love to have at least two or three post lined up every week for you guys.

I've had suggestions to write about my job hunting experience but I'm sure most people already know how bad it is out there and tbh I want to keep my blog about things I like and enjoy and I certainly don't enjoy job hunting! :)

I really hope I get time to sit down  this week and finish off some posts I have in draft.

Thanks for hanging on :)

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