Monday, 6 January 2014

Get back on track.

Why does motivation always come at a awkward time for me?

Seriously, laying in bed at 2 am is not the right time to be sorting all the stuff I want to put away in boxes. What is wrong with me!? Obviously I wasn't doing that but I wanted to and that's quite annoying.

What made you want to? I hear you ask?

I was watching @hayclaire/Claire Marshall's YouTube channel (love her by the way, go check her out if you haven't already.) All the videos I needed to catch up on, and I was thinking dam her new apartment looks so clutter less if that's a word, or clutter free if you like. Thinking about it a lot of YouTubers I watch have such clutter free backgrounds. Is that a YouTuber thing?    
Then I was looking around my room and thinking wtf? Why do I still have that? Why have I still got all this childishness in my room? I could really do with boxing or throwing away some of this stuff. And like I'm laying there wanting to get up and tidy my room at 2 in flipping morning!? But if it was any other time of the day, I would say "oh stuf doing that, do it another time when I can be bothered!" *sigh* I need to get out of the habit of putting things off all the time.

So I've set myself a goal or a few.
> keep less things/throw things away as soon as I no longer need them.
> STOP putting things off/DO them! 
> buy less junk? Yeah I think that will be one, I buy things I always end up not wanting in the end.  
> And lastly spend time using the things I already have!  ;)

Sorry this turned into a bit of a ramble. :) ♡
Thanks for reading loveys.

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