Friday, 10 January 2014

According to Plan.

This was supposed to be an outfit post, but when I went out yesterday to take pictures I forgot one vital thing.......spear batteries.

So this is going to replace it.

My nails have been looking and feeling miserable lately due to the cold weather coming in. so I've decided its time to not so much start again with them just cut them back to fresh and happier nails. I'm going to do this with my favorite nail aid/nail strengthener O.P.I's Nail Envy. (This is not a product review just how I look after my nails.)

 As you can see I seem to bite only one nail?!  My nails are getting a bit to long and weak at the ends. I'm just going to cut them all back to one length, then remove all the ridges.

Now I'm going to use PALMER'S Cocoa butter formula, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with, just to give them back some moisture and make my hands feel soft. 

Now I apply a generous coat of the nail envy and wait until its dry and then another coat every week as stated on the bottle.

I've used this before as you can see by the bottle, last year in the summer a couple of weeks before I went on holiday and I was also taking hair,nail and skin supplements. My nails were like rocks for once in my life. Yes I really love using this it leaves my nails feeling like I actually have nails.

whats your daily nail care routine?

Thanks for reading :) <3

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  1. My nails are an absolute joke lately! I've pretty much given up on them hehe. xxx


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