Monday, 30 December 2013

Blogstagram 13. (Tenstagram Tag)

I was tagged by my good friend Kirstie in the Tenstagram tag. Read hers Here.

You choose ten of your favourite Instagam pictures from 2013 and explain why :) 

Sorry the pictures look fuzzy!

1. The day I went to the Tanya meet up in the Carnaby Street benefit store. 

            2. Me and my boyfriend went on holiday to fuerteventura a canary island, our first holiday with just the two of us. <3

3. Bit boring but my first ever Missguided order, the day I was hooked! :)

             4. A late birthday card from my grandad made my day, he's not very well and his memory is getting worst <3

         4. For my birthday my amazing boyfriend got tickets to go to the Harry potter studio tour and omg it was so good I would definitely go again!

6. This post sums up my new years, glittery nails and a "healthy" morning after lunch lol :)

7. Me and my girl :) she's my baby and my best friend. 

8. Nice red burnt arms and sad faces me and Matt on holiday :

9. My Halloween green goo nails, not very talented as you can see?

10. The day Republic a UK clothing store shut down :( very sad day.

That wasn't hard at all :)
 I tag Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS @llymlrs, and anyone whom wants to do there own but tag a friend. :) 

Thanks for reading <3


  1. Glad you're posting again! :D Gotta love a bit of Tanya Burr :P

    1. Yeah sorry about that, I had things planned but didn't get round to doing it. :)
      she was so lovely!


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