Thursday, 31 October 2013

Meet Perry the Pumpkin

So this may come as a surprise, but this is my first time carving a pumpkin.

 As you can see doing it for the first time, you learn cutting too deep is not good. Looks like it has braces, had to use pins to keep it's teeth in place hehe :)

That's tissue paper behind the eyes.

   And some Halloween nails just for good measure :)

Happy Halloween guys have a creepy one >:)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Best Friend (is my cat)

Wrote this post last mouth but decided to post it now Enjoy

Yep as Crazy as it sounds 
My cat is my best friend (I do have human friends obviously).
Gorgeous <3

Tabs and her twin sister 

See Crazy cat !!

 So I thought I would quickly explain my love of cats, I've grown up with them so I feel like I click with cats really easily like the crazy cat lady down the road, but I only have three :). All my cats I have/had I've seen from birth to present so I feel like they are part of the family and when one passes away its like losing someone close to you. I am an animal person and we did have a dog once but cats have always been my favorite, I don't really know why, I just think they are cute and fascinating little things and would love to be in a cats body for a day like a book I read when I was younger. I've always liked cat characters in film and TV like "The Cheshire cat" Alice in wonderland, "Bagpuss" from Bagpuss and "tigger" Winnie the poo.

OK back to my best friend.
Her name in tabs or tabbather because she is a tabby, She is about six of seven years old (40-44 human years), she is one of  twins but sadly her sister went missing last year, she is a slim, elegant little thing.
Why is she my best friend?  
She does this really weird thing where she will pick something up like a teddy or random thing she finds in the garden in her mouth and meow like crazy until you give her attention, she will constantly headbutt you until you give her attention and that reminds me of myself and what I do to get attention, Obviously I don't meow with something in my mouth or go around headbutting people but you get my drift,  I sit and talk to her (okay I am definitely sounding like a crazy cat lady now) and she keeps me company and makes me happy and I really do love her as well as my other two cats,
 but me and tabbs have an even deeper bond, I actually didn't have her and her sister when they were very little (birth) but my auntie did and it just so happens my best friend at the time was my cousin and I would spend a vast amount of time around their house, and guess what we did (play vets of course) and the kittens were our patients (okay best stop don't want to embarrass my cousin) so I was spending all of my weekends around my cousin's house playing vets or something like that :)
And then it came to a point where the kittens were old enough to be sold on and I watched kittens being given to people, (pauses as I think about how close I missed the chance) and I didn't want to my "princess" to be given away so my mum decided (heavily by me crying) to take the twins home and here we are six or seven years later :) 

Yes she can be crazy sometimes,  yes her claws hurt a lot!! And yes cat food stinks (and when it gets on your hand yuk!!)
But my favourite animal in the whole wide world will always be cats :)
And this one is MY best friend :3

Thanks for reading this random post 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

October already?!

I've been really bad and neglected my blog for the past month! *slaps wrist*. 
So I've been feeling really groggy the past few weeks like I don't know if it's the weather change or what, but i haven't felt up to doing much and i had so meany posts planned and already in draft for September!

But WAIT! it's only flipping October already what is going on, all my days have merged into one :(we got time going back and Halloween my favorite holiday, its crazy! but I can't wait :) 

So I promise I'm going to be better this month and get those posts up

See ya soon 

Byeeeee <3