Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mix things up!

A bit of a mix up for you guys.
I can't actually believe how quick August has gone I was only going on holiday what felt like yesterday (July).
Because I don't really have favorites just for august I decided to do a small haul of things old and new that I have enjoyed over a few months.

so first off I'll start with the food products nice and simple.

x. Vanilla coca'cola 
For those of you who don't know they stopped making vanilla coke over in here in the uk in 2005!! why ......? who knows, but they brought it back yey, I loved vanilla coke then and now its back I can carry on loving it :) but I always have diet coke as a back up.

x. Popchips
Yum!! I actually brought these because I saw the advert on TV with Katy Perry and was like "ooo I might try them thanks Katy ;)" and yeah they are so good, they're a light popped chip not fried and not backed and there only 95 calories which is always nice :) and what I found funny they added in brackets about 19 chips just made me laugh :). Just perfect to watch a film if your not a popcorn person or as a snack while doing work.

Mini BN
Yes mini BN! so again I don't know if you know that BN were huge at one point (sings the BN BN song) but they stopped selling them over here in the UK in 2003 and now they have brought them back guys, my favourite flavor has to be strawberry but there are six different flavours.

on the note of old here is a video of some 1999 adverts enjoy :)  

Now onto my beauty products :)

x. Mark Hill's Work it girl Shine, protect and control spray.
So I got this product for Christmas in a Mark Hill gift set, I hadn't used any of the products until July/August but this is my favorite one, it adds shine, protects form heat appliances and acts like a hairspray, it also gives a great texture and smells really good, I tend to use it for when I haven't got time or when I don't want to faff with my hair just leaves my hair looking like I've made an effort. (one of those days)

x. Tangle Teezer hairbrush by Shaun.P
Due to the length of my hair (too long if you asked me) I found my old hairbrush pulled out way to much of my hair and because of the length it tangles alot and I'm still trying to grow out my layers, so I needed a new brush. One of my friends asked for a tangle teezer for Christmas and went on about how amazing they are, so I needed to know more and after finding alot of people raving about them its was obvious I had to have one and I will never buy a different brush so long as I have hair :)

x. Burt's Bees Rejuvenation lip balm.
I'm always get dry lips and especially during those heat waves we had and I found using this at night really worked, left my lip feeling hydrated and soft in the morning  and plus I use my SPF 15 lip balm during the day. This is my first Burt's Bees product and I would definitely try more of their products. thumps up for them. :)

x. Mudd original mask.
Deep cleansing pure clay formula. I brought a few of these trial packs early July just to try out some facial mask as a youtube/blogger I follow was always went on about them, having not used a facial mask before I thought I would try a simple one to begin with and this one is pretty easy and clean to use. "100% pure clay's containing special minerals absorb excess oil, deeply embedded dirt and make-up." which is always a good thing with face masks I would think. It really did leave my skin feeling deep-cleaned and it claims to help control spots and black heads another thing we like to see facial products do and it tones and tightens the skin added bonus. I would definitely bye the bigger pack and use it more often.

These next two are very similar

x. Barry M Gelly hi-shine
x. Collection Lasting gel colour

So if you hadn't guessed they're both gel nail polish's from two of my favorite make-up brands,
I'm not too sure which one started there gel range first but I had heard of the Barry M's one first and then while browsing the Collection range I picked up their lasting gel colour in vixen red, thought it was a great colour now were coming in to autumn mouths and I'm really into the Burgundy's at the moment so made sense to get it. So I didn't want to go too into detail but wanted to give you something to go on.
I really liked the shine on the Barry M one and was really surprised at how long it lased on my nails and I quite a clumsy person with my nail! As well as the fact I didn't need to use so much of it, one or two coats was more then enough however I found it took to long to dry and I'm too inpatient, other then that I was really happy with it. 
The same with the lasting gel colour I was really happy with the shine of the nail polish but it took more coats to get the colour, again it lasted long on my nails but not quite as long as the Barry M one again really happy with it.

The last thing I wanted go on about is Bastille, I saw them back in May supporting Muse, They are a alternative rock band from London England, I didn't really know of them but after seeing them live and downloading there album they've grown on me and have been my summer album.

So that's been my haul of favorite things  

Thank you for reading 
Love VickiHert xx

Monday, 2 September 2013

The make-up world (scary)

Is it just me ?

Recently I have started to care just a little bit more about how I look make-up wise, honestly I don’t wear allot of make-up mainly because I wouldn't know what to do with it what so ever, occasionally ill attempt to do my eyes up a little when I am going out for a meal or a night out. The simple eyeliner, mascara and maybe eye shadow if I’m in a “good mood”.
So when it comes to any other time of the day that is not a night out or a meal out natural/not really bothered is my style, and really there is nothing wrong with that I've learnt as long as you look after your skin like using facial scrubs and moisturise your skin will be happy without make-up. J

Benefit they're Real, Maxfactor kohl pencil in black, Umberto Giannini painted lady in lady Ophelia

No I’m talking about primers, concealers, bb creams, foundations, powders, blusher, bronzer, eye shadow primer, eye shadow, cream eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, lip liners, lipsticks, lip tints and then all the different brushes and other applicators.............................anything else I missed? (NO CLUE!!)

So for those of you like me that have no to little idea about the make-up world (which is probably not many of you), but what to start getting up to date and in the know about the big wide world of the make-up brands because there are tons of them (not going to try and name them all obvs) but a few of my faves are Barry M, Benefit, Collection and max factor. Honestly you’re going to feel a little over whelmed by just how big of ‘a deal it all is. Tv, magazines, adverts and films, make-up is everywhere and you can become very lost in a world of obsession of having all the new and latest products of all the well known and big make-up brands.

I am by no means a make-up expert and this is by no means a advice blog so please don't take what I say as advice :) I just simply want to voice my voice <3

The only thing I maintain is my hair because the length of it and my eyebrows because I decided to pluck them myself about two years ago. In fact I only started wearing make-up about three years ago (maybe more), that would make me 18 maybe 17 :s is that bad?

When I started I didn't really know where to begin and at the late age I was most girls already wore make-up in school, which made it harder because I had no clue how they knew what to do with (not having a big sister didn't help). The first thing I learnt how to use was eyeliner and lots of it apparently :s

sorry about bad quality couldn't find any good pics of me back then
 My first ever product was Maxfactor kohl pencil eye liner which I still use today. I then took a daring move and brought some drugstore own foundation and blusher (BIG MISTAKE!!) I tried them out the same day and I looked offal (what a waste) so with that I never used them again. The next thing to happen, for my birthday I asked for a make-up trunk to carry the very little make-up I had built up and as a bonus or so I thought the trunk was filled with unbranded simple make-up (wish is hadn't  as surprise I decided to try it on ..............another mistake of mine! Let’s just say none if it was used again! J

Which brings us to the now “yeey”J where I am taking it much more seriously but still having fun. I am finding the best way to find products that I like is to buy and try which works because most of the product I use now I had no idea if they were going to be good when I brought them, I have also been watching allot of beauty gurus on You Tube like “Zoella” and “Tanya burr” and also the lovely “Bubzbeauty” Love love love go check them out ;)

All I'm trying to say is, it's scary (or maybe it's just me?)

<3 thanks for reading.