Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Love for Company Magazine


P.S I love it !

My love for company magazine started when buying my first copy back in February 2010, while doing media as an a-level. one of the tasks was to design from scratch a magazine any genre we pleased. Me, always wanting to be in the fashion industry chose to do a fashion/beauty high street magazine, armed with this information I took a trip to find content to take inspiration from, In a local "WHS" store my eyes stumbled upon it sticking out from the rest and my choice was made (Awh how cute ay?)
Since buying company all those years ago I absolutely love it (as you can tell) :). I have not managed to buy every copy since then but recently I have been a really good fan girl :D I still have that February copy and all that I have brought between then and now. Awwwwh!

The very copy that stood out from all the other magazines 

2013 Company  collection :)

        Why though you may ask ? :S

I don't honestly know, I guess it's because it was my first ever fashion/beauty magazine.........Like ever (sounds weird considering I just told you I wanted to be in the fashion industry :P). whenever I've brought similar magazines they've never really compared, although I still buy glamour magz occasionally.
One thing I love alot about company is there are so little adverts.......... don't get me wrong we all love adverts, like the new fragrances or "Barry M" products for example cos we adore them!! But when you buy a high end (not so cheap) magazine you (well I ) don't expect the whole thing to be pages of adverts. Yes I realize that most Brands depend on the consumer to see the advert and want to buy the product (that's how they make money ;) but when buying a magazine you love you would hope to find lots of things you like.......Like the biggest trend going, who's the new face on the scene or what print is in atm (you get my point ). You kinda wish you didn't have to look through 20+ pages of adverts in a row just to get what you want !! (okay rant over guys ;).
But most of all I like the content layout, it's clear to read (most helpful) pretty colours, interesting articles to read and look at, the style guide full of new and unique online shops and celebrity feature front cover and article...The list goes on......

My favorite cosmo copy (can you tell why ?)
<3 Hayley Williams 
Three years of June :)

So maybe go out and grab a copy if you don't already indulge in it 
And I promise you'll love it too :) 

Thank you for reading 
Love VickiHert xx