Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas update + New years

Wow that went fast! Seems so sad that we put so much effort into Christmas for it to last one or two days :(

I've decided to put together a few pictures to sum up my Christmas.

Glitter, Chocolate and Animals that sums up my Christmas :) 

ohhh yeah and my new camera ;)

Its New years eve!! ( waited until twelve to post this ;)  Its crazy thinking about it, I've had a pretty mixed emotional year tbh (not going into details) and I've learnt a lot about myself and what I need to change for the good, which brings me to my new years resolution. I don't smoke, I don't feel I need to go on a diet and I don't drink obsessively, I've taken a personal approach towards it. 

My new years resolution is to
 1. Spend more time with friends and family, may seem like something you would do often but things have been a little difficult.
2. STOP stressing out so much! yeah I stress over the littlest things and I try so hard not to.

That wraps that up :)

Thanks for reading.
See you all in the new year :) <3

Blogstagram 13. (Tenstagram Tag)

I was tagged by my good friend Kirstie in the Tenstagram tag. Read hers Here.

You choose ten of your favourite Instagam pictures from 2013 and explain why :) 

Sorry the pictures look fuzzy!

1. The day I went to the Tanya meet up in the Carnaby Street benefit store. 

            2. Me and my boyfriend went on holiday to fuerteventura a canary island, our first holiday with just the two of us. <3

3. Bit boring but my first ever Missguided order, the day I was hooked! :)

             4. A late birthday card from my grandad made my day, he's not very well and his memory is getting worst <3

         4. For my birthday my amazing boyfriend got tickets to go to the Harry potter studio tour and omg it was so good I would definitely go again!

6. This post sums up my new years, glittery nails and a "healthy" morning after lunch lol :)

7. Me and my girl :) she's my baby and my best friend. 

8. Nice red burnt arms and sad faces me and Matt on holiday :

9. My Halloween green goo nails, not very talented as you can see?

10. The day Republic a UK clothing store shut down :( very sad day.

That wasn't hard at all :)
 I tag Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS @llymlrs, and anyone whom wants to do there own but tag a friend. :) 

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, 23 December 2013

Long pause

Sorry about the long pause there, my Internet has been down for a while. Dam how I miss the Internet now though!

I had so many posts planed for Christmas :( but I'm back to usual now :)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fantasy Christmas Wish List

After reading @IAmKirstieKins fantasy wish list post you can find here, I decided to do my own :)

It's just a list of things I really want but definitely not going to get for Christmas so enjoy.

1. Audi R8 coupé.
No, never going to happen, can't even drive :D but hay I can dream right :).

2. A Missguided wardrobe
Missguided recently brought out their "You Better Not Pout" look book for their Christmas campaign and Omg I want everything in it !! Have a look yourself if you haven't already :D
You Better Not Pout
You Better Not Pout

3. French bull or pug puppy
I'm not copying Kirstie I promise! I would love a dog in general and there are so many breeds I would love to have, but a pug or frenchie would make my life complete :) there just so cute and small I could take it anywhere!!
Just look at these two. Left is Manny and right is Frank
You can follow them on Instagram @frank_the_funnyfrenchie @manny_the_frenchie

4. A year supply of Pocky
Pocky is a Japanese candy stick thing and I LOVE THEM! :)

I found places you can buy these heavenly snacks and just because I love this shop all things cute.

Getting difficult now, there's not much I really want. 
So some ridiculous ones for good measure. 

5. Rapunzel hair
Would seriously love Rapunzel long hair!

6. Be Katy Perry
Yes I have a girl crush on her, love this women SO much!

That's all I could think of but most of what I know I am getting, I'm really happy I am! :)
Try making a fantasy wish list of your own? 

Thanks for reading <3
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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Books I've Half Read

Do you ever find it hard to stick to one book? 
Probably not, that's why I'm crazy and you’re most likely not. :)

So beginning of this year end of last, I decided to start a book collection, at first it consisted of a Collins English dictionary, a Holy Bible (given to me by my granddad) and the first and second books from the twilight saga, which to this day I have never read and don't own any more never really got into twilight.
Which brings me to my next point; I now have a small book collection of, wait for it.....books I am half way through. Yep that probably annoys a lot of you, sorry about that :)

So yeah out of the twenty odd books I own only six I have read completely (I know, I know sorry) and only a few I have read twice.
I don’t know! I can start reading a book, then leave it and just sometimes I can pick it back up and not have to read back any pages to understand what I’m reading and vice-versa sometimes I have to read back from the beginning.
Some of the books I've not even opened to try and get into! And others I have not been able to put down, like Dawn O’porter’s “paper aeroplanes” I loved it maybe because I am female, but it was such a captivating story about two completely different girls that end up bff’s. (FWI I’m shit at reviews and yes because I’m female I jumped (or rather I wish I did) on the Mr Gray train and read the “Fifty shades of Grey” trilogy by E L James no more said ;)

 I just think "I want to read them all at once" but then like half way through one I get distracted and then try pick it back up later on, and not want to read that one anymore so I pick up another.
The problem is I have a thing for “Waterstones” a massive book shop and whenever I walk past I have to go in and spend an hour looking around and either buy books or make lists of books I NEED to buy which is how my book collection started. And I am happy with that tbh.

I plan to carry on growing my book collection, although I’m not terribly sure that’s a great idea but hay we all live and learn right?

Thanks for reading guys :)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Asos surprise

This was a general surprise to me! :)

I wasn't expecting it nor do I remember singing up for it to be honest, so it was a complete surprise when I collected the post yesterday morning to find this addressed to me.

Pull&Bear are now at asos! The first time I went in a pull and bear store I wanted to buy everything.

So Thank you loads asos :)

And thank you for reading

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Meet Perry the Pumpkin

So this may come as a surprise, but this is my first time carving a pumpkin.

 As you can see doing it for the first time, you learn cutting too deep is not good. Looks like it has braces, had to use pins to keep it's teeth in place hehe :)

That's tissue paper behind the eyes.

   And some Halloween nails just for good measure :)

Happy Halloween guys have a creepy one >:)